SIOE prize winners

The 34th Semiconductor and Integrated OptoElectronics (SIOE) Conference, ran from 30th March to 1st April 2021. Following the unfortunate cancellation of SIOE in 2020, The Future Compound Semiconductor Manufacturing Hub was determined to deliver SIOE in 2021. The course was delivered online with over 260 delegates attending and enjoying live talks from 36 speakers and 35 poster presentations on a wide range of topics.

A number of prizes were awarded during the conference, thanks to generous support from our sponsors, The Institute of Physics Semiconductor Group, The Institute of Physics in Wales and the Compound Semiconductor Centre (CSC). We would like to congratulate the following SIOE prize winners:

IOP Wales poster prize:

  • Huiwen Deng – Improved performance of 1.3 μm quantum dot by direct Si doping 
  • Giorgos Boras – Self-Catalyzed AlGaAs Nanowires and AlGaAs/GaAs Nanowire-Quantum Dots on Si Substrates

IOP Semiconductor Physics Group SIOE Merit awards for oral presentations:  

  • Robert Richards – Temperature dependent JV analysis of GaAsBi p-i-n diodes
  • Dominic Duffy – Low Threshold Type-II GaInAs/GaAsSb “W”-Lasers Operating in the 1.2-1.3μm Wavelength Range
  • Andreas Thurn – Ultrafast non-equilibrium dynamics in GaAs-based nanowire lasers
  • Joshua Robertson – Image Edge Detection with Spiking VCSEL Neurons
  • Shujie Pan – Stable 25.5 GHz mode-locked quantum dot lasers operating up to 120 °C
  • Bo Hou – Colloidal Quantum Dots for Indoor and Concentration Solar Cells Applications

CSC SIOE best oral presentation:

  • Bogdan Ratiu – 1550 nm InAs quantum dots on InP and GaAs substrates grown by MOCVD 

We would like to thank all delegates and presenters for their contributions across the three days. We very much look forward to SIOE 2022, when we hope to be able to host our academic and industry collaborators old and new in-person.  

SIOE Prize Winners
top row (from left): Huiwen Deng, Giorgos Boras, Robert Richards, Dominic Duffy
bottom row (from left): Andreas Thurn, Joshua Robertson, Shujie Pan, Bo Hou

right: Professor Peter Smowton (Head of the School of Physics and Astronomy at Cardiff University) presents Bogdan Ratiu (a student at the EPSRC CDT in CS Manufacturing) with the CSC best oral presentation at the SIOE Conference.