Our research focuses on resolving the manufacturing challenges associated with compound semiconductor production. We hope to advance compound semiconductor research to the point where these materials are as ubiquitous as silicon in the manufacturing industry. This will enable new technologies, and will be vital to support industry in the UK and beyond

Work Package (WP) structure of the CS Hub

Grand challenge WPs are supported by 3 “platform” areas and have been made more effective by the addition of a number of feasibility (JF) and follow-on (FO) activities from other universities, together focussed on achieving the strategic outcomes. The CS Hub’s research is focused on 8 EPSRC funded work packages. As Future Manufacturing Hub grants are flexible, to keep up with the most cutting edge research, the research and expertise encompassed by the CS Hub has evolved over time. The flexible funding provided by EPSRC will be used to ensure only the most relevant and ground breaking research remains within the Hub remit.

CS Hub work packages

Platform work package 1: Materials Growth (Epitaxy)

WP2: Scaling Fabrication

WP3: Fast Fab and Characterisation

WP4: Manufacturing Technology for Optical Data Communications on Silicon

WP5: Advanced Radio Frequency Devices & MMICs

WP6: Monolithic Integration of RGB LEDs & Integrated RF Electronics for LiFi

WP7: Magnetic Arrays

WP9: Generic Photonic Integration

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