Feasibility Studies

The CS Hub has supported three rounds of feasibility studies, opportunities for industry and academia to explore new ideas.

Feasibility Studies – Round 1

The CS Hub has invested in six 6-month Feasibility Studies to develop new and exciting programs of work, as well as to develop additional partners for the Hub and deliver Key Performance Indicators.

 Studies funded during 2018:

  • 3D mapping of active compound semiconductor structures
  • Angled-cage etching of semiconductors (ACES)
  • Solo – GaN 600V – 1.2kV power trench MOSFET
  • Feasibility of compound semiconductor non-volatile RAM manufacture on Si substrates
  • Spin injection into dilute magnetic gallium nitride transistors
  • Novel characterisation techniques for GaN RF electronic epitaxy

Continuation Studies – Round 2

The CS Hub has invested in four 18 month continuation studies for current CS Hub feasibility award recipients. 

Continuation studies funded in 2019:

  • 3D structure and interfaces in compound semiconductors. Understanding links between electronic properties, defects, morphology and growth.
  • Angle cage etching of semiconductors (ACES).
  • Towards compound semiconductor nob-volatile RAM Manufacture on Si substrates.
  • Novel fast-turnaround GaN epitaxy assessment – quantitative demonstration of benefits.

Joint Feasibility Studies – Round 3

The CS Hub has invested in 5 Joint Feasibility Studies, each 6 months in duration.

The EPSRC Future Manufacturing Research Hubs in Composites, Compound Semiconductors, Metrology and Photonics partnered to offer funding to support a number of Feasibility Studies at TRLs 1 to 3. The funding was available for novel research in manufacturing technologies pertinent to the priority areas identified by each of the four partner Hubs.

The Future Compound Semiconductor Manufacturing Research Hub sought proposals that addressed the challenge of integrating functionality using compound semiconductors, including electronics, optoelectronics and sensors; or integrate different compound semiconductors and silicon measurement of materials and structures becomes critical.


Joint feasibility studies funded in 2020:

  • Manufacturing of large-area InP on nano-V-grooved CMOS-compatible Si
  • Novel GaN–based Vertical Transistors for LED Driver Applications
  • Measurement of Carrier-Induced Electro-refraction in InAs/In(Ga)As Quantum Dots
  • Vertical-cavity LASER arrays for BRAIN-inspired photonics (LASERBRAIN)
  • Semi-insulating SiC epitaxy on SiC and Si substrates, for monolithic integration of GaN “on insulator” RF technology and high voltage SiC devices.