The Future Compound Semiconductor Hub proudly organises the annual Semiconductor and Integrated Opto-Electronics (SIOE) conference. Taking place over three days, SIOE aims to provide an informal atmosphere for the discussion of research in semiconductor opto-electronics. Across the conference,  oral and poster presentations cover a wide range of expertise, including but not exclusively: Growth and fabrication, including materials and devices, Solar cells / photovoltaics, Mid-infra-red semiconductor opto-electronics, Micro-cavity and photonic band-gap effects, GaN based materials and devices, Theory and numerical simulation of semiconductor optoelectronics, Optical detectors, modulations, amplifiers and switches, All optical and opto-electronic integrated circuits, Integration of optical and electrical functions and Hybrid, heterogeneous and epitaxial integration.

Delegates can enjoy  talks on a wide range of topics from invited international speakers with opportunities for collaboration and communication, as well as workshops and career sessions focusing on Compound Semiconductor careers including current job opportunities.

Below are the conference abstracts from previous SIOE conferences, for information on SIOE please email: