CS Hub work represented at Photonics West

Several researchers based in TRH presented their work at Phonetics West, San Francisco, California last week.
Talks included:
 “Effect of Ge-substrate thickness on 940-nm VCSEL performance”, presented by Sara Gillgrass;
Investigating the role of low-index AlOx layers in enabling low-loss III-V photonics and high-efficiency grating couplers” presented by Peter Smowton;
Selective-area intermixing for implementing InAs QDs based active-passive integration for photonic integrated circuits” presented by Abi Enderson;
InAs quantum dot-based one- and two-port multimode interference reflectors for integrated photonic devices: design, fabrication, and evaluation” presented by Peter Smowton;
and “Probing Purcell enhancement and photon collection efficiency of InAs quantum dots at electric field nodes and antinodes of micropillar cavities” presented by Matthew Jordan.