SIOE 2024

Semiconductor and Integrated Opto-Electronics  (SIOE) conference will take place on the 2nd Р4th April 2024 at Cardiff University.

The conference will bring together leading scholars, researchers, and professionals to share their ideas and research findings. The conference will provide a unique opportunity for attendees to network and learn from each other Research sessions will cover a wide range of topics, including semiconductor lasers, photonics, integrated circuits, optoelectronic devices, and many more. The poster presentation session will provide an opportunity for researchers to showcase their latest findings in a more informal setting.

We welcome contributions on the following topics:

  • Growth and fabrication, including materials and devices
  • Solar cells / photovoltaics
  • Mid-infra-red semiconductor opto-electronics
  • Micro-cavity and photonic band-gap effects
  • GaN based materials and devices
  • Theory and numerical simulation of semiconductor optoelectronics
  • Optical detectors, modulations, amplifiers and switches
  • All optical and opto-electronic integrated circuits
  • Integration of optical and electrical functions
  • Hybrid, heterogeneous and epitaxial integration

We encourage submissions in the form of oral presentations (15 minutes, including discussion) and poster papers. Please send your abstract as a single A4 sheet in PDF or Word document format, including the list of authors, affiliations, and corresponding author email.

Kindly email your abstract to Kate James: The deadline for submission is the 5th February 2024