Inspiring a Generation

CS Hub is thrilled to report the ongoing success of the Generation Tech workshop and the part it has played in ensuring as many young people as possible are inspired by its message.

Generation Tech is an interactive, interdisciplinary workshop, inviting local students to explore hands- on activities, group problem-solving and career connections – engaging them with the microchip technology being developed and produced in South Wales and used in everyday life.

Generation Tech has been co-developed by scientists at Cardiff University School of Physics and Astronomy, School of Engineering and Science Made Simple.

Aimed at 9-12 year olds, and delivered by researchers and student ambassadors within the compound semiconductor industry, the ‘free’ workshop (funded by Cardiff University’s ‘Innovation for All’ Scheme) has to date inspired over 250 young minds.

Funding from CS Hub has specifically been used to fund Student Ambassador involvement. The project is now embarking on its second phase with aims to expand its reach.