CS International – Hub Affiliates to Present

CS international – with two presentations from the Hub affiliates:


The High end sensor is a workshop with CS international, 10/11th April, Brussels


Quantum Well Hall Effect (QWHE) sensors for Non- Destructive Imaging applications.

Mohamed MissousUniversity of Manchester

A new class of highly sensitive Quantum Well Hall Effect (QWHE) sensors have been developed and commercialised. These magnetic sensors include single, linear and 2D arrays magneto-vision systems. DC and AC magnetic fields can be measured with magnetic and spatial resolutions of < 50nT and 0.5mm respectively. Using specially integrated AC illumination coils, these magnetic cameras can be used to detected defects and flaws in magnetic and nonmagnetic materials. Using advanced DSP and high-resolution ADCs, the systems can increase AC and DC magnetic field scanning frame rate and reconstruct images by measuring AC magnetic field at different frequencies.


VCSEL Pilot Line for ranging and 3D gesture control sensors

Iwan DaviesVIDaP Consortium

VCSELs are key components enabling many fast growing markets, including optical sensors. As GaAs-based semiconductor components, they can be processed cost-efficiently, resembling LED processing: IQE is the manufacturer of epitaxial material, while Philips has a production line for front-end and back-end processing. One pilot-line end customer, STm, designs VCSELs into Time-of-Flight sensor products, capable of making accurate distance measurements, based on the round-trip travel time of photons between the VCSEL and a CMOS sensor. Uses for ToF using VCSELs ranges from advanced proximity sensors to 3D gesture detection modules, benefiting e.g. smartphone/tablets, laptops/monitors, consumer robotics, gaming, security & building management and automotive.