Advanced radio frequency devices and MMICs

Building on work in the platform we will develop a MMIC process. We will use performance at staged points e.g. RF device, full wafer RF etc for feedback to allow optimisation of the epitaxial growth.

This will start with 100mm substrates and move to 200mm. For high speed/frequency electronic devices and circuits there is the need for short gate lengths (lg < 0.1um) to increase intrinsic transistor performance. To ensure a corresponding increase in the extrinsic performance requires very low contact resistance and high gate to channel aspect ratios. The first will be addressed by incorporating regrown ohmic contacts. The latter requires very thin layers, gate recessed devices or in nitrides double heterojunction devices (N-polar versus Ga-polar). RF devices and a full MMIC Process Development Kit (PDK) will be supplied to partners for evaluation.