Manufacturing technology for optical datacommunications on Silicon

Very recently, high-performance Si-based InAs/GaAs QD lasers have been demonstrated with CW operation at high temperature (>75 C) and long lifetimes (>100,000 hours). Here we will develop our world leading III-V-on-Si technology to create high performance lasers and semiconductor optical amplifiers (SOAs) for datacommunications applications.



The principal objectives are optimise gain per unit length (for high frequency) and to increase operation temperature to the required 125 C maximum, while maintaining low current CW operation at 20mW optical output power. This will be achieved by exploiting p-type modulation doping in lasers and optimizing/combining nucleation layer, dislocation filter layer as well as thermal annealing create offset band-edge waveguides while using strained layers to minimise wafer bow on cool down from growth. We will investigate Sb containing materials for longer telecommunications wavelengths.