Generic photonic integration

Developing on  technology previously included under the Platform Work Package 3 (Fast-Fab), a new Work Package has been established entitled ‘Generic Photonic Integration’.


Comprised of generic photonic integration work on proof-of-concept of optoelectronic devices and systems. The initial driver for this technology is the provision of GaAs-based integrated optoelectronic devices and systems for interconnects used in aerospace and nuclear sectors and ultimately for telecommunication networks.​

​Generic Photonic Integration is a platform that allows the production of photonic integrated circuits (PIC). PICs are similar to the electronic integrated circuits used in computers and other electronic devices. The main difference between the photonic integrated circuit and the electronic integrated circuit is that the former works with light and the latter works with electricity. PICs will revolutionize several fields including next generation telecommunication networks like the Internet or the mobile network. ​They can drastically increase the capacity and reduce the cost and power consumption of networks. This will allow the streaming of 4K content to your computer and smart TV or the development of the next generation mobile network (known as 5G) which will allow the implementation of new services like the self-driving car, telesurgery or portable virtual reality.​