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The original CS Hub consortium comprised 4 UK academic institutions, 24 industry collaborators, and a variety of other supporting entities. Now over 30 industry collaborators have pledged their financial and in-kind support as partners. One of our primary goals is to collaborate with new industry and academic partners, who do not currently work with us.



It is vital to the success of the Hub to recruit new collaborators from academia and industry.

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Our most recent new collaborations and partnerships are with:

Academic collaborators:

Industry partners:

  • Advanced Hall Effect Sensors

  • Amethyst

  • Compound Semiconductor Technologies

  • Diamond Microwave

  • DSTL

  • Focus Microwaves

  • Gasp Solar

  • Huawei (and subsidiary CIP Technologies)

  • IQE

  • Land Instruments

  • Linwave Technology

  • Lockheed Martin

  • Lux-Tsi

  • MAcom

  • McWane Technologies Inc.

  • Mesuro Ltd.

  • Microsemi

  • Nokia

  • Oclaro

  • QinetiQ

  • Renishaw

  • Selex

  • Seren Photonics Ltd.

  • Silverwing

  • Teratech

  • Toshiba

  • TWI

  • Zeta Specialist Lighting

In addition, we have support pledged to the Hub, pre-award, from a variety of other sources including:


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