Our vision is to establish the UK as the primary global research and manufacturing hub for Compound Semiconductor (CS) Technologies.

We combine and connect the UK’s research excellence in compound semiconductors with the very best translational facilities and the Compound Semiconductor Applications Catapult to support the UK CS industry and UK industry users of CS.

The Hub aims to make research ‘manufacturable.’ Working with spoke universities and other centres of excellence throughout the UK, we will create a path from enabling fundamental research through to wafer, device and integrated chip manufacturing research into final product prototyping, reliability testing and system qualification at the Compound Semiconductor Applications Catapult .

Compound Semiconductor materials underpin the operation of the internet and enabling emerging ‘megatrends’ such as Smart Phones, satellite communications/GPS, advanced healthcare and ground-breaking biotechnology.

The Hub integrates CS and Silicon (Si) manufacturing, applies the manufacturing advances made in one type of CS across the different families of CSs, and combines these different CSs for optimum functionality.

Our work aims to radically boost the uptake and application of CS technology by applying the manufacturing approaches of Silicon to CS. It exploits the highly advantageous electronic, magnetic, optical and power-handling properties of CS while utilising the cost and scaling advantage of Silicon technology where suitable. And it generates novel integrated functionality, such as sensing, data processing and communication.

Our researchers have a track record in innovation and impact, complementary technical capability and the individual skill sets that can combine to create new solutions to the identified major scientific challenges in manufacturing.

The Institute for Compound Semiconductors (ICS) houses academic functions and fabrication facilities, and the Compound Semiconductor Centre (CSC) leads on translation with its growth facilities.

Together as CS Connected, we can exploit the demands of next generation technologies that are driving the integration / replacement of Silicon with advanced CS materials, creating a truly massive market opportunity for CS materials and devices.

Above all, we are geared to changing the UK academic mind-set, turning great research into great applications and future products.

Come and work with us as we bridge the gap to build the future.

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