Management and Governance

Hub Director, Prof Peter Smowton

Management Board

The Management Board (MB), chaired by the Director, meets quarterly and includes senior Hub members: a Director of ICS, a senior academic from each of the spokes and the Director of CSC. It sets the overall strategy of the Hub, ensuring that research is coordinated and aligned with industry needs. The MB is responsible for reviewing individual research activities as well as monitoring progress against agreed milestones. The MB has the authority to allocate and reallocate resources and amend research priorities in order to maintain cohesion and focus across the Hub’s range of activities. The MB are responsible for awarding feasibility funding as well as ensuring that the Hub engages broadly with national & international academia. The Management Board report to the Strategic Advisory Board bi-annually.

Strategic Advisory Board

The Strategic Advisory Board (SAB) provides links to partner stakeholders and advice and guidance on research directions, commercially valuable research and impact paths to the Director and MB. It is chaired by Prof Richard Penty of Cambridge Universities Centre for Photonic Systems, and has membership which includes a CS Catapult representative, industry figures, senior academics and a representative from EPSRC. The SAB has responsibility for oversight, ensuring that the hub effectively engages with industry and academia. Each member of the SAB is bound by a confidentiality agreement to enable open discussion.

The Hub Director 

The Hub Director has overall responsibility for Hub activities and manages day-to-day operations assisted by a Project Manager (PM). The Director is responsible for promoting Hub activities and providing leadership in the area of compound semiconductors. As part of this role, the Director ensures that the Hub engages fully with the broader academic and industrial communities, supported by the Innovation Manager (IM) Dr Wyn Meredith and colleagues from CSC.

Management Structure

Management Board Members

Prof.Alwyn SeedsUniversity College London
Prof.Huiyun LiuUniversity College London
Prof.Mo MissousUniversity of Manchester
Prof.Paul TaskerCardiff University
Prof.Peter SmowtonCardiff University
Prof.Tao WangSheffield University
Dr.Wyn MeredithCSC

Strategic Advisory Board Members

Prof.Richard PentyCambridge University
Dr.John BagshawIndependent Technology Consultant
Prof.Dominique SchreursKU Leuven
Dr.Andy SellarsCSA Catapult
Dr.Carol Trager-CowanUniversity of Strathclyde
Dr.Ivona MitrovicUniveristy of Liverpool
Dr.Maria Ana CatalunaHeriot-Watt university

Work Package Leads

NameOrganisationWP Lead
Prof.David WallisCardiff UniversityWP1 lead
Dr.Sara-Jayne GillgrassCardiff UniversityWP2 lead
Dr.Craig AllfordCardiff UniversityWP3 lead
Prof.Huiyun LiuUniversity College LondonWP4 lead
Prof.Khaled ElgaidCardiff UniversityWP5 lead
Prof.Tao WangUniversity of SheffieldWP6 lead
Prof.Mo MissousUniversity of ManchesterWP7 lead
Dr.Nicolas AbadiaCardiff UniversityWP9 lead

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