About Us

CS Hub is 1 of 13 UK Future Manufacturing Hubs, funded by EPSRC and industry and first launched in October 2016.

The CS Hub performs unique, exciting and vital research into large scale Compound Semiconductor (CS) manufacturing, and in manufacturing integrated CSs on Silicon. In association with the Institute for Compound Semiconductors at Cardiff University, we provide world-leading facilities that translates CS research into large-scale growth and device fabrication. The CS Hub aims to make huge inroads to the use of CSs as an alternative to silicon, which will allow other scientific and technical areas to flourish. Essential to the future of most technologies, Compound semiconductor materials are a Key Enabling Technology at the heart of modern society. Next generation technologies will only be achieved with a huge increase in compound semiconductor manufacture, and  integral to supporting the UK economy.

The CS Hub is led from Cardiff University, with spokes at University of Manchester, University of Sheffield, and University College London. We have >30 industrial partners participating in the CS Hub by providing resources, time and expertise. Existing CS Hub partners can be found at partner organisations.

We also have strong links with colleagues in other Hubs, particularly the Future Advanced Metrology Hub and the Future Photonics Hub. These links support and complement our CS research, and facilitate larger investments for promising, cross-cutting feasibility studies.


Work Package Leads And Key Principle Investigators

CS Hub Video

The CS Hub has created the following video to highlight not only the range of research that we are currently undertaking, but also our existing industry partnership connections and the mutual benefits for research, translation and exploitation.