Feasibility Study 09

Solo – GaN 600V – 1.2kV Power Trench MOSFET 

Study Lead: Prof Petar Igic, Swansea University

Gallium Nitride (GaN) vertical devices have the potential to enable new and highly efficient high voltage applications for a low carbon society such as electric vehicles. To date, a few research groups have reported on the successful fabrication of GaN vertical devices due to the considerable challenges associated with crystal growth, reliability and fabrication process. Exploiting a consortium made up of experts from the area of GaN material, simulation and fabrication, the goal of this team is to be amongst the first groups in Europe and the world to develop and push boundaries of what has been achieved in the field of GaN devices to date. Once quality benchmarked >600V critical processes are investigated and developed, i.e. p-epi on n-epi GaN growth and gate trench etch and dielectric deposition, they will form a solid platform for follow on project investigating the process modification to enhance the device’s blocking capabilities and explore the areas not-to-date investigated in great details such as floating and biased p-bodies in GaN trenched devices and their effect on threshold and output instabilities.

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