Feasibility Studies – Round 1

The CS Hub has invested in 6x 6-month Feasibility Studies to develop new and exciting programs of work, as well as to develop additional partners for the Hub and deliver Key Performance Indicators.

The studies funded during 2018 are:

Feasibility Study 04: Three-dimensional mapping of active compound semiconductor structures

Feasibility Study 05: Angled-cage etching of semiconductors (ACES)

Feasibility Study 09: Solo – GaN 600V – 1.2kV power trench MOSFET

Feasibility Study 10: Feasibility of compound semiconductor non-volatile RAM manufacture on Si substrates

Feasibility Study 13: Spin injection into dilute magnetic gallium nitride transistors

Feasibility Study 14: Novel characterisation techniques for GaN RF electronic epitaxy

We expect to release a further call for funding towards the end of 2018. Details will be published on our website.

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