Continuation Study 14


Novel Characterization techniques for GaN RF electronic epitaxy

Study Lead: Prof. Martin Kuball, University of Bristol


Compound Semiconductor GaN electronic devices used for MMIC or discrete power applications require semi-insulating GaN buffers which dramatically impact their performance in terms of important parameters such as short-channel effect, and current-collapse, as well as breakdown and leakage. The Centre for Device Thermography and Reliability (CDTR) pioneered a new backbiasing technique to characterize and optimize these GaN buffer, and a “leaky dielectric” model, in collaboration with industry. Working with IQE and the Hub, the study will concentrate on GaN-on-Si based epitaxy and scope the feasibility of establishing new approaches which can be straightforwardly implemented in a manufacturing context. The study will also aim to determine whether “leaky dielectric” models can be used to understand and optimize breakdown, which is critically important for the establishment of an internationally competitive RF and power electronics manufacturing process within the CSC.

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