Continuation Study 04

3D Structure and interfaces in compound semiconductors. Understanding links between electronic properties, defeats, morphology and growth

Study Lead: Prof. Oleg Kolosov, Lancaster University. 

The project builds on the success of Lancaster University‐led feasibility study that pioneered technology for comprehensive 3D nanoscale exploration of physical properties of compound semiconductor (CS) materials and devices. The innovative toolbox allowed to directly observe for the first time the change of the CS device electronic properties by defects propagating from the buried interface between GaAs and Si, and to reveal the unusual polarity in GaN nanowires. We now join efforts with industrial partners Bruker, LEICA and LMA Ltd and expand interaction with CS Hub collaborators (UCL, Sheffield, Cardiff) by applying the unique 3D nano‐characterisation to address key fundamental and applied aspects of CS materials and devices. We shall elucidate the role of interfaces in generation of defects across 3D structures and their effect on device properties; explore the origin of polarity in III‐nitride on Si; and study pathways for optimising current flow in CS lasers, validating the new methodology in these case studies. The project will boost the development of efficient III‐V semiconductor lasers, solar cells and lighting sources while using low cost Si manufacturing technology.


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